Four Pinups Of Four Women Named Betty

As I created this series I was faced with a conundrum. How does one pluralize the name Betty? Spell check says that Betties is incorrect. An apostrophe would show the possessive Betty but that won’t do. Could it perhaps be like the moose, where in the plural of Betty is Betty? That still doesn’t seem right to me. I think that the solution might be like the cactus, fungus…Betti? I suppose I could look it up, but that would start me down a road I do not wish to travel. Because I would then have to litigate what you might call a group of “woman that happen to be named Betty.” I don’t have time for that. (I do actually but that is neither here nor there.) I Don’t want to because I am starting to get a headache.

Betty Grable
Betty Page
Betty Rubble
Betty Boop

These pinups were crated in the vector program Affinity Designer.

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